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You can spot me on my desk, burning the midnight oil, and waiting for the next Google update.

  • I know your brand has a beautiful story to tell the world. I can be your word of mouth to help it travel far and wide through digital marketing and its two powerful allies- SEO & SMM.

  • Your website is your 24-hour brand ambassador. With my WordPress development acumen, I promise but do not overpromise, to create a head-turner website that makes people fall in love with your brand.

  • If you can note citations and references, I can quote your brand on Wikipedia. Being at the go-to spot, where people look for authentic information, is the perfect recipe for boosting your brand’s value and credibility.


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They Will Choose You!
It’s no magic, it’s Branding.

I’ll get it done for you.

The first date leading to a lifelong commitment is beautiful. Isn’t it? Well, this eternal union happens between brands and customers too. Your brand can build an everlasting impression on your customers’ minds at the first meeting itself. But, for that to happen, you need to meet them at their place with a bouquet of Trust, Quality, and Promise, and make them the heroes of your story.

Let’s cut to the chase. We need to tell a likable and trustable brand story. That’s what I do as a Digital Marketing Professional with my expertise in SEO, SMM, WordPress Website Development, Content Writing, Wikipedia, and Blogging. I create endearing brand stories customers cannot resist reading. The arrows in my quiver know how to penetrate straight into your customers' minds and land your brand on Google’s first page.

So, you have your brand and I have the digital marketing tools to make it seen and get it discussed. Let’s get it done. You will be their forever choice!


Jack of all trades, but master of Digital Marketing

"Care About People, Not Branding". LNL

Digital Marketing: The Art I Breath to Show You Where, When & How to Meet Your Customers.

I learn, unlearn, and relearn to make your brand’s story freaking awesome!

SEO, WordPress, Social Media Marketing and Blogging are my musketeers helping me crack the digital marketing code.

Social Media Marketing65%

What My Clients Say

Most common methods for designing websites that work well on desktop is responsive and adaptive design


That digital marketer who cares for people and markets for brands.

My skills encompass strategic planning, data-driven insights, and creative execution to elevate brand visibility and drive measurable results.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is the hand that lifts the blindfolds and makes customers see you standing there with what they need.

    Be there where they see you, and be what they want!

    Digital marketing makes your product pop up in the right place where your target audience can easily notice it. Today, no other place other than the internet can be the best marketplace to get that gaze. That’s why digital marketing is the new normal.

    I am a digital marketing expert with expertise in SEO, SMM, Content Writing, Blogging, and WordPress website development. With these tools, I plan, strategize, and execute digital marketing strategies that make your brand show up in front of the right audience.

    But one size doesn't fit for all. So your brand needs a unique digital marketing strategy. For example, sometimes what your brand needs is SMM. Beyond budgets and leads, SMM is about creating unique and engaging content. The content should attract your target audience with what they want. Then your social media page will start attracting followers organically.

    Furthermore, at this point, we can market your product and start running ads covering wider areas. Then, we can convert a lead into a customer. Besides, we can do branding posts to tell your brand’s story. Similarly, whether it is SEO or WordPress Website development, we need to brainstorm for a unique brand story that sells.

    Without the weight of geeky metrics, let me show you how digital marketing works. Tune in to watch how your beautiful brand story gets noticed through digital marketing. On the way, you can meet powerful digital marketing allies like SEO and WordPress Development.

    I kick start with social media auditing, website auditing, and competitive analysis to chalk out the right strategy for your brand’s digital journey. Then I go for social media optimization It boosts your brand’s visibility and engagement. Concurrently, I put my hands on website optimization. It makes your website lightning-fast in search engines. Then comes the optimization of webmaster tools like Bing, Google Search Consol, Search Analytics Tools, etc With their optimization, I fine-tune your website’s performance. Further, I top it up with onsite and offsite SEO integration to place your brand at Rank#1 in the search engines.

    Thereafter, once I am done with the implementation, I do monthly website optimization to increase traffic and convert visitors into customers. Now, your brand is all set to make waves in the market.

  • SEO

    SEO is that tortoise who runs slowly and steadily but wins the race eventually. So, it’s definitely worth investing in.

    Because I want you to stand out in the online crowd!

    Let me throw a question. How did you land on my website? Any guess? Don’t scratch your head. I‘ll help you out. My website is SEO-optimised. That’s why it popped up when you searched for Digital Marketing. Don’t you want the same for your website? Then let’s get it SEO optimised. SEO is the game changer of Digital Marketing. Before we discuss this further, I can show you how I get your website SEO-optimised.

    Firstly, I need to study your competitors, so that I can weave strategies accordingly to place you ahead in the competition. For this purpose, I start SEO optimisation with competitor analysis. Secondly, I audit your website and fix all the technical glitches. And the result is your website loads very fast in search engines. A snail’s pace always drives the users away.

    Further, I started mapping high-volume keywords based on the insights from competitor analysis and your website audit. Now the website needs the attention of search engines and users. For that, I optimise the content, insert keywords, and create compelling title tags and meta descriptions.

    Now our website is the mouthpiece of your brand. It has answers to all the customer queries ranging from product information to FAQ’s and many more.

  • WordPress Development

    Your website, designed by WordPress is your digital spokesperson who is well-dressed and eloquently delivering your brand’s message.

    Makes every single customer mingle with your website!

    I know that you know,’ first impression is the best impression’. Well, I may not completely agree with it when it comes to liking a person. But, as a digital marketer, I agree one hundred percent when it is about a website. Your website is the digital face of your brand. So, we must make it aesthetically appealing. Uhh, the website is now ready to go live, voila`? No, not really. It’s just the body. Beyond that fleeting glance, don’t we need that eternal trust? For that reason, we have to give it a soul so that your visitors will stay.

    Hence, once visitors enter the door, our website should welcome them with a pleasing user interface(UI). It means our website’s design must be visually attractive and easily comprehensible. Vibrant and warm colour palettes, quirky or elegant fonts, and many other digital marketing secrets and visual cues will do that job.

    In the same way, we must arrange an engaging user experience (UX) for our visitors. An engaging user experience ensures intuitive navigation, rich and quality content like blogs and copies, and visually appealing design. If that’s the case, can they resist the temptation? Obviously, no, they can’t. Our website will hook them and they’ll finally click that buy button. It’s what we call driving leads into conversions in the digital marketing parlance.

    I guess, it’s time to cut to the chase. WordPress rules the roost as the most sought-after platform in digital marketing. It is unbeatable for its SEO-friendliness and user-friendly interface. Besides, it’s easily adaptable to the ever-evolving Google analytics. Similarly, WordPress ensures stellar performance. That’s why I have chosen WordPress as my forte.

    Further, it comes under the Content Management System (CMS) in digital marketing. This means, even clients can update content without relying on a developer. So, undoubtedly, I’ll suggest WordPress to every client who invests their hard-earned money in digital marketing.

  • Content Writing

    Yes, you’ve got something worth writing, and I’ve got the emotive and creative ink to turn it into a successful brand story.





    Speak from your heart. Why? If you do not speak from your heart, how can you truly connect with your customers? How can they relate to your brand?

    You need to connect with your customers on a deeper level through your compelling brand story. And that’s what I do. I believe in the power of words to forge that deep connection with your target audience.

    Whatever the size of your business- be it small, medium, or large- you need quality content to market your brand online. In digital marketing parlance, we banter about terms like brand awareness, lead generation, traffic, conversion, sales, and many more. Content is the linchpin around which all these satellites revolve. Does it sound heavy? Fret not, I’ve got your back.

    Well, digital marketing is my turf and blogging is my mojo and that is why I excel at content writing that sells ideas. Besides, I write brand stories through emotive and creative website content, blog posts, and relatable creative copies. This is the essence of content strategy in digital marketing.

    I value every penny you invest in your digital marketing efforts. Hence, I stay away from giving you cookie-cutter content. Instead, I create heartfelt stories that are SEO-optimized. This helps your brand cut through the clutter and get the visibility it deserves in search engines like Google and Bing.

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